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Tocaan Company is an innovative digital solutions provider specializing in website design, mobile application development, and digital marketing. We are committed to helping our clients create, maintain, and grow their digital presence while increasing their customer engagement and satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals brings expertise in all areas of digital marketing, website design, and mobile application development. We strive to create custom solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients, while driving growth and success.

Digital Marekting services

Social media Campaign management

As a web design company, Tocaan has the best team in the internet marketing where the Tocaan Digital marketing team holds a Google Certified Google Adword Certified Certification for Advertising Campaign Management and thus we guarantee you professional management of your campaign and get the best results from the advertising campaign.

Instagram & social media management

Tocaan is proud to provide social media account management service in addition to its core activity, which is a web design company.
This is to increase sales and customer interaction through social media and modern technology. It includes professional designs, responding to comments and naturally increasing followers And the result of that is increased interaction on the account, and this is done through a selection of professional designers in the field of advertising.

Ecommerce website and online Store management

It is one of the Digital Marketing services and building a professional marketing plan for your website design. As a web design company, Tocaan provides a website and online store management service through a unique control panel.
You can also design a distinct online store. And also the addition of electronic content in a professional manner.
Moreover, suitable designs with the imaging service for products and creating your content when added to suit SEO search engines.
As well as sending monthly reports to electronic stores and service providers that deal with them.


As a web design company, we provide professional content writing copywriting service as one of the indirect marketing methods.
It aims to spread your site on search engines, increase the number of visitors, as well as display your site with the best possible images for visitors and the best offer and ensure its suitability for search engines.


Tocaan Web Design also provides SMS service. It is one of the best means of advertising. As messages are sent to the areas of your online store or the targeted areas. We also guarantee that you can quickly reach and target customers directly.


We provide product photography service for stores and websites in order to display the content in the best possible way.
Tocaan has professional photographers with experience in photographing e-store products and websites in particular. In addition to being a web design company.