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Consistency doesn’t have to be equal boring representation , creativity is Consistence representation of who you are , or how your product is  , Being real doesn’t mean you have to be one hundred percent  equal to real shape but it must be a reflection somehow of you and your product and so the brand design as a result.

Creativity : it’s all about the Idea

A good design is not just a good looking media , graphics or materials , the core design value is all about the Idea , we in Tocaan pay attention to Ideas being a fresh , simple , creative with new ideas invited according to brand category and product type and product design final consumer is the backbone of our design principle

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Shape your product identification

Imagine that your product is an oil bottle and add to this there is no labels or any type of print on this bottle , what is reason will get any customer to buy your product , simple answer is nothing , look at the Cola products avail today and think about it’s labels and look closer at shiny colors that cover it’s can and your could imagine how great the effect of this labels and attractive graphics on the customer buy this type of products while he or she passing the supermarket feeling thirsty at the middle of summer and want to drink something Cold and fresh , this is exactly what the brand and graphic designs could pay for your final product , the brand , logo , graphics and informative subject printed or broadcast all over internet