Design and develop Alaowna website, Ala Ona is the first Kuwaiti website specialized in managing and creating auctions in Kuwait

By participating in the site, you can bid on the offered goods and services and obtain them at the lowest prices.

Alaowna auction on its assets, participate in auctions, and get products at unbeatable prices.

Alaowna.com is the latest way to bid for goods and services online in Kuwait.

There is no need to download a specific program or special purchase points. You have to participate in the auction and start bidding on the offered commodity.
تصميم موقع ألا أونا - شركة توكان
Alaowna will send you a confirmation letter to subscribe to ensure that your number is correct and to remind you of the auction when it starts.
It will also send an email after payment to confirm the payment, upon payment of the item top on the product.
The auction is open to all. There are no specific requirements to participate in auctions.
Just register on the site and participate in the auction. When the auction starts, the site will send a message to your number to remind you of the auction start time.
After entering the auction, you can start bidding, and the site will wait a minute after each bid

Ala Ona site designed and developed by Toucan Company.